Quick Business Manager helps you track investments, purchases, expenses, sales, and other income. By entering transactions to track business activity, you can use the software to generate reports that indicate whether the business is making money or losing money. If your business’s revenue is greater than its expenses, the business has earned a profit and increased the equity of the owners. Management then can decide how and when to reinvest in the business. The business cycle starts again.

For example, a computer shop has the following business processes:

  • Invest in business to secure cash to increase the cash for purchases.
  • Purchase parts from vendors, which involves procurement of components needed to assemble a computer system.
  • Manage Inventory, use inventory function to keep track of components.
  • Pay vendors, use pay bills to pay the outstanding bills.
  • Assemble components to create the finished item.
  • Sell the components, assembled item, or services to customers.
  • Receive payments from customers
  • Use journal entries to make accounting adjustments
  • View Reports to know more about the company, customers, and vendors.

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Last edited 30 July 2015