QBM or Quick Business Manager is a comprehensive financial, analytic, and business management system. It is an integrated application to give you the business intelligence of your complete operations.

In short, it is a mini-ERP system that doesn't require more technical skills. This software was developed to cater both accountants and non-accountants to help them manage the business better.

Quick Business Manager has different editions:

  • QBM Standard
  • QBM Professional
  • QBM Premier and
  • QBM POS (Point Of Sale)

These editions can be used as single or multi-user depending on your requirement where you can also set user roles and permission so you can manage better.

It also provides Multi-location feature so while you are away, you can still review and handle all your accounting without any surprises.

Find out more about QBM by visiting this link http://www.mobinweb.com/qbm/qbm

Last edited 29 June 2015